Rite of Way

Session 1

Recap / Background Info

  • Planeswalkers show up from the middle of nowhere, looking for artifacts—they’re indiscriminate—and kill to acquire them. They can be killed but the endeavor is pretty difficult.
  • The Acanum has found a way to build a barrier to stop them from coming in, but has no idea where the come from or how they come in. They sometimes come in pairs, or in threes, but never more. Easily recognizable via their alien appearance and demeanor.
  • Ex. Glint has a 4 mile radius Planeswalker barrier. (Cholun’s fist is a radical religious organization that is bent on killing planeswalkers—they adopt orphans and train like Spartans.)
  • Glint is a city built in the hallowed out statue face of a god (Cholun). A waterfall runs down the middle of the face (“the vein”) with a lava stream flowing in the middle of the water fall. The city does not have a government, but is run by an oligarchy comprised of the 6 marketplace leaders. (Glint, therefore, obviously has a huge economic presence).
  • This world’s growth has been stunted by Planeswalkers—they come in, kill people, and generally set back any progress—but the Arcanum’s ability to impede their entry is allowing civilization to finally flourish.
  • Planeswalkers will not apperate in water, but will follow you if provoke.

How We Met / Origins

  • We’ve all been gathered because a new player has emerged, a man who wants to build a 7th market in Glint. An entrepreneur, looking to get people “in on the ground floor,” the potential growth of a 7th market is an alluring prospect for many reasons. This market needs a police force, among other workers.
  • Setting up in one of the 7 markets declares your alliance, and affiliation with that market’s workers / organizational affiliation. Glint is basically comprised of markets—people don’t really live or raise their kids there. Its just an economic hub.
  • We had to go Knuckle’s Fight Club to compete in order to get the attention of the fat-ass dwarf Sparish (the guy who wants to start the 7th market).
  • On our way to the Knuckle’s, Ezra instigates a fight with the meat pie vendor, but gets out of it by using appropriate force.
  • A/C (Anderson Cooper) and Ezra met each other whilst forming a band, with the intent of rocking their way to justice!

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