Rite of Way

Session 2

  • We find out Sparish was killed the night we first fought. Apparently, he was set up. We need to find out where he went, who killed him, and why? Harlan suspects the competing markets edged him out. (Find the body, and how he was killed.)
  • We head towards The Registry—a place to find caravan work. This doesn’t work out.
  • A/C chooses to go to Bottom’s Up pub, an more upscale establishment. Two people are pouring over a map. A/C talks up the bartender. A/C finds that the people pouring over the map are the traders: Krillan and Nappa. They own a substantial claim in the Zela Shouk—they plan out the routes and cargo.
  • We fail to gain work with The Registry, so we wander into the Garner Flee. (Assorted random goods, antiques, lower quality stuff. Purple flag). Mike senses a magic trinkets being sold by an old Orc woman. [The magic trinket is her bone earings.] We see a man with a
    huge turban, Ulrich, directing people unloading a caravan. Mentioned a guy name Markov. Caravan driver’s name is Zola.
  • Mike takes 2 rope damage from crit-missing a roll to destroy an orcish rope. Mike buys bone earings.
  • We go to the The Layabout Inn—its populated by all of the market guards. The inn contains a courtyard and a second floor that overlooks the bar. Kev’s character gets incredibly drunk, and is sodomized in the night; he wakes to find himself, facing Tallic.
  • We meet Zola , and hear horses coming towards us—purple sashes try to stop us! The caravan has another Rogue (blond hair, blue eyed), some girl (real punk rock), and a bow’s man.
  • After alluding the purple sashes, we find ourselves ambushed by a pack of dire wolves, and a mind flyer on a basilisk. Zola turns out to be a pretty good healer, the Rogue ran off, and a lot of the horses died. Also, A/C saved our asses, but then tripped and falls into a big pit that ends in the center of the earth.


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