Rite of Way

Session 3

from the wreckage

  • Whilst cleaning up the wreckage Killic tries to listen in on Zola and the Sorceress . Zola wants to continue on, but the sorceress is not feeling it. Grumbles from the back of the caravan (wagon managers, 2 gnomes: Liloo and Fifoo, etc.).
  • Ezra presses the issue of pay with Zola, she tosses him a pouch of gold (2000 pieces). The dead horses are cutup , loaded onto a cart, and the caravan presses on southward.
  • We move to rocky terrain, and decided to stay our caravan on the circled remains of an old temple. Pretty magic ground.
  • During Tallic’s guard shift he hears the snuffling of a pig. He spears, kills, and guts the pig. The gnomes are unimpressed with Tallic’s butchering. The caravan moves on.
  • The road eventually becomes just a single lane of mud, surrounded by swamp; our speed decreases to nearly zero km/hr.
  • Giant de-fleshed arms and hands protrude from the swamp; and a loud thrumming can be heard in the distance. The bookimp see a huge venus fly trap with a honey comb structure housing large mosquitoes, eating an old, desiccated, horse corpse.
  • The group decides to convince Liloo and Fifoo to release smoke from their smoker, and Zola to run to horses pretty hard (so as to avoid a confrontation with the mosquitoes). In the process of running away we hit a fork in the road that “wasn’t there last time.”
  • We spend too long rolling die (like idiots), and the mosquitoes start to catch-up with us. We hit a road of wooden planks, the archer shoots a million ember arrows at the swarm and Ezra creates a cube that traps a bunch of the mosquitoes.
  • We stop to investigate the clearing at the Ranger’s request—upon a mount of grass that’s sticking up out of the swamp. He claims to have seen “something weird on the side path [which] looks man made”. Along the path lay vines that appear pretty dangerous (an obvious trap).
  • After passing the vines (by cleverly stepping/flying) we see a green dredlocked druid in the nook created by a weeping willow. We introduce ourselves to Joe Dirté, and his “babies”; he instructs them to “get his gear”.
  • Lexol ,the ranger, and Joe take point (scouting). The swamp beings to thin and slowly gives way to a tropical rain forest; we keep moving and make our way to Yellow Stone National Park. Therein we look for a place to circle up and maintain a defensible position for the night.
  • Joe tries to free base off of the geyser, which turn out to be unnaturally powered.
  • The sorceress’s name is Chelsea. We get served delicious pulled pork.
  • Tallic looks down a geyser hole: it appears to be around 50 feet deep.
  • Joe throws a fire butterfly down the shaft a sees at around 75 feet down there is an opening.
  • Chloroform gas spews forth from a geyser as things begin to scuttle up from them into our encampment. Soon a massive multi-headed centipede emerged to fight us and steal our meat cart, which we recover with serious ceremony.


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