Rite of Way

Session 3.5

"Being a revenant is NOT a picnic!"

  • After leaving the cursed geyser, we make our way into the salt flats.
  • We make camp for the night, wherein Luxul, A/C, and Dan Rather go hunting. A/C knocks 2 buzzards out of the air. The night passes uneventfully.
  • In the morning we make our way to the edge of the salt flats — bordering a rocky, desert littered with weeds and smaller brush vegetation.
  • We stop by the wreckage of another caravan—a wheel and scrap iron is salvaged—it appears as though the canyon walls were sabotaged to fall on the caravan. People were dragged away but not great lengths. Ezra urges the party to keep moving.
  • As we proceed through the canyon, a mount’s ear begins to bleed and it freaks out. Joe soothes the horse and move on.
  • We fast-forward to being 2 days out. Lexul becomes Martin, and points out to 4 stone pillars off to the side of the trail. These pillars are not on the map and appear to be a roving temple.
  • After much discussion the party decides to split up, sending one group to go “kick the tires” of the temple while leaving the second group to defend the caravan.
  • We find out the temple is an old temple belonging to the god Eladune—an ancient deity, the god of night spirits and death. Shrines on the roadside usually have live creatures left atop them to bait death (hoping Eladune will take their offering over them).

“All those brought low shall rise again.” – Superlative writing above the door.

  • Upon entering the temple, we fall into a trap and fight our way out. Looking out the front door, we find ourselves in a completely new area!


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