Gallo Gallus

A bitter old wizard often reading a strange book with feet.


Race: Human
Class: Arcanist (Wizard)
Age: 66
Sex: Male
Height: 5’8"

Description: An elderly man waring a papery looking robe. A few pouches hand from his rope-ish belt and 3 staves are slung across his back. He is holding a book with strange symbols on the cover, did the book just move? Anyway, he has a serious case of chicken neck, permanent frown lines, a beak-ish nose, and and a bloody minded look in his eyes. Oh shit, we’ve been looking at him too long and he’s noticed. Quick look away, but act natural…damn, he isn’t buying it. Oh fuck he is coming this way!

Tagline: “Why? Because; Fuck You, that’s why! I’m Gallo Gallus!” (Proceeded by a Magic Missile.)


Once a world renown wizard in the study of the Plainswalkers phenomenon, Gallo Gallus had studied under the line of masters that had perfected the phasing barrier that has kept the land stable over the past decades. At the height of his power, Gallo underwent a dangerous and forbidden ritual to attempt to summon and control a Plainswalker. Carnage ensued, and Gallo was thought to have not survived the encounter.

However, Gallo did escape with his life, but the chaotic wake of the Planeswalker’s presence and the botched ritual he lost most of his powers and arcane knowledges weakening him greatly. To add insult to injury he was also transformed into a chicken. His only remaining power was a very weak magic missile, that he couldn’t reliably cast.

After months of hardship, he finally regained his human form and started anew. Slowly, he is regaining his lost arcane abilities and traveling with a group that is straight out of Compton. (Word.)

Gallo Gallus

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