Rite of Way

Session 3.5
"Being a revenant is NOT a picnic!"
  • After leaving the cursed geyser, we make our way into the salt flats.
  • We make camp for the night, wherein Luxul, A/C, and Dan Rather go hunting. A/C knocks 2 buzzards out of the air. The night passes uneventfully.
  • In the morning we make our way to the edge of the salt flats — bordering a rocky, desert littered with weeds and smaller brush vegetation.
  • We stop by the wreckage of another caravan—a wheel and scrap iron is salvaged—it appears as though the canyon walls were sabotaged to fall on the caravan. People were dragged away but not great lengths. Ezra urges the party to keep moving.
  • As we proceed through the canyon, a mount’s ear begins to bleed and it freaks out. Joe soothes the horse and move on.
  • We fast-forward to being 2 days out. Lexul becomes Martin, and points out to 4 stone pillars off to the side of the trail. These pillars are not on the map and appear to be a roving temple.
  • After much discussion the party decides to split up, sending one group to go “kick the tires” of the temple while leaving the second group to defend the caravan.
  • We find out the temple is an old temple belonging to the god Eladune—an ancient deity, the god of night spirits and death. Shrines on the roadside usually have live creatures left atop them to bait death (hoping Eladune will take their offering over them).

“All those brought low shall rise again.” – Superlative writing above the door.

  • Upon entering the temple, we fall into a trap and fight our way out. Looking out the front door, we find ourselves in a completely new area!
Session 3
from the wreckage
  • Whilst cleaning up the wreckage Killic tries to listen in on Zola and the Sorceress . Zola wants to continue on, but the sorceress is not feeling it. Grumbles from the back of the caravan (wagon managers, 2 gnomes: Liloo and Fifoo, etc.).
  • Ezra presses the issue of pay with Zola, she tosses him a pouch of gold (2000 pieces). The dead horses are cutup , loaded onto a cart, and the caravan presses on southward.
  • We move to rocky terrain, and decided to stay our caravan on the circled remains of an old temple. Pretty magic ground.
  • During Tallic’s guard shift he hears the snuffling of a pig. He spears, kills, and guts the pig. The gnomes are unimpressed with Tallic’s butchering. The caravan moves on.
  • The road eventually becomes just a single lane of mud, surrounded by swamp; our speed decreases to nearly zero km/hr.
  • Giant de-fleshed arms and hands protrude from the swamp; and a loud thrumming can be heard in the distance. The bookimp see a huge venus fly trap with a honey comb structure housing large mosquitoes, eating an old, desiccated, horse corpse.
  • The group decides to convince Liloo and Fifoo to release smoke from their smoker, and Zola to run to horses pretty hard (so as to avoid a confrontation with the mosquitoes). In the process of running away we hit a fork in the road that “wasn’t there last time.”
  • We spend too long rolling die (like idiots), and the mosquitoes start to catch-up with us. We hit a road of wooden planks, the archer shoots a million ember arrows at the swarm and Ezra creates a cube that traps a bunch of the mosquitoes.
  • We stop to investigate the clearing at the Ranger’s request—upon a mount of grass that’s sticking up out of the swamp. He claims to have seen “something weird on the side path [which] looks man made”. Along the path lay vines that appear pretty dangerous (an obvious trap).
  • After passing the vines (by cleverly stepping/flying) we see a green dredlocked druid in the nook created by a weeping willow. We introduce ourselves to Joe Dirté, and his “babies”; he instructs them to “get his gear”.
  • Lexol ,the ranger, and Joe take point (scouting). The swamp beings to thin and slowly gives way to a tropical rain forest; we keep moving and make our way to Yellow Stone National Park. Therein we look for a place to circle up and maintain a defensible position for the night.
  • Joe tries to free base off of the geyser, which turn out to be unnaturally powered.
  • The sorceress’s name is Chelsea. We get served delicious pulled pork.
  • Tallic looks down a geyser hole: it appears to be around 50 feet deep.
  • Joe throws a fire butterfly down the shaft a sees at around 75 feet down there is an opening.
  • Chloroform gas spews forth from a geyser as things begin to scuttle up from them into our encampment. Soon a massive multi-headed centipede emerged to fight us and steal our meat cart, which we recover with serious ceremony.
Session 2
  • We find out Sparish was killed the night we first fought. Apparently, he was set up. We need to find out where he went, who killed him, and why? Harlan suspects the competing markets edged him out. (Find the body, and how he was killed.)
  • We head towards The Registry—a place to find caravan work. This doesn’t work out.
  • A/C chooses to go to Bottom’s Up pub, an more upscale establishment. Two people are pouring over a map. A/C talks up the bartender. A/C finds that the people pouring over the map are the traders: Krillan and Nappa. They own a substantial claim in the Zela Shouk—they plan out the routes and cargo.
  • We fail to gain work with The Registry, so we wander into the Garner Flee. (Assorted random goods, antiques, lower quality stuff. Purple flag). Mike senses a magic trinkets being sold by an old Orc woman. [The magic trinket is her bone earings.] We see a man with a
    huge turban, Ulrich, directing people unloading a caravan. Mentioned a guy name Markov. Caravan driver’s name is Zola.
  • Mike takes 2 rope damage from crit-missing a roll to destroy an orcish rope. Mike buys bone earings.
  • We go to the The Layabout Inn—its populated by all of the market guards. The inn contains a courtyard and a second floor that overlooks the bar. Kev’s character gets incredibly drunk, and is sodomized in the night; he wakes to find himself, facing Tallic.
  • We meet Zola , and hear horses coming towards us—purple sashes try to stop us! The caravan has another Rogue (blond hair, blue eyed), some girl (real punk rock), and a bow’s man.
  • After alluding the purple sashes, we find ourselves ambushed by a pack of dire wolves, and a mind flyer on a basilisk. Zola turns out to be a pretty good healer, the Rogue ran off, and a lot of the horses died. Also, A/C saved our asses, but then tripped and falls into a big pit that ends in the center of the earth.
Item Drop list
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Item drop from the first encounter:

Session 1

Recap / Background Info

  • Planeswalkers show up from the middle of nowhere, looking for artifacts—they’re indiscriminate—and kill to acquire them. They can be killed but the endeavor is pretty difficult.
  • The Acanum has found a way to build a barrier to stop them from coming in, but has no idea where the come from or how they come in. They sometimes come in pairs, or in threes, but never more. Easily recognizable via their alien appearance and demeanor.
  • Ex. Glint has a 4 mile radius Planeswalker barrier. (Cholun’s fist is a radical religious organization that is bent on killing planeswalkers—they adopt orphans and train like Spartans.)
  • Glint is a city built in the hallowed out statue face of a god (Cholun). A waterfall runs down the middle of the face (“the vein”) with a lava stream flowing in the middle of the water fall. The city does not have a government, but is run by an oligarchy comprised of the 6 marketplace leaders. (Glint, therefore, obviously has a huge economic presence).
  • This world’s growth has been stunted by Planeswalkers—they come in, kill people, and generally set back any progress—but the Arcanum’s ability to impede their entry is allowing civilization to finally flourish.
  • Planeswalkers will not apperate in water, but will follow you if provoke.

How We Met / Origins

  • We’ve all been gathered because a new player has emerged, a man who wants to build a 7th market in Glint. An entrepreneur, looking to get people “in on the ground floor,” the potential growth of a 7th market is an alluring prospect for many reasons. This market needs a police force, among other workers.
  • Setting up in one of the 7 markets declares your alliance, and affiliation with that market’s workers / organizational affiliation. Glint is basically comprised of markets—people don’t really live or raise their kids there. Its just an economic hub.
  • We had to go Knuckle’s Fight Club to compete in order to get the attention of the fat-ass dwarf Sparish (the guy who wants to start the 7th market).
  • On our way to the Knuckle’s, Ezra instigates a fight with the meat pie vendor, but gets out of it by using appropriate force.
  • A/C (Anderson Cooper) and Ezra met each other whilst forming a band, with the intent of rocking their way to justice!

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