Character Creation Guidelines

If you have an idea for a nonstandard character, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help.
If you wanted to play a poorly supported class or custom class like a necromancer, we could work out some custom feats etc.
If you could make a good case for a nonstandard race like a baby owl-bear, we could work something out as well.


  • Characters must be level 4
  • Restricted Classes: No Psions, Battleminds, Vampires or Ardents
  • Restricted Races: No Changelings, Warforged, Kalashtar
  • Characters can be ANY alignment (except chaotic evil, that’s banned), so long as everyone in the party is within 2 alignments of each other. For example, you can have a party of neutral players with one lawful good and one good player. Or you can have a party of all evil players, with one neutral player. But you cannot have a party with a lawful good and lawful evil player in it, they are too far apart.

Character creation step-by-step:

  1. Load character builder via my credentials or your own if you have them
  2. Click “Custom” at the load screen.
  3. Set “Select your Character’s Starting level” to 4
    Select Custom D&D campaign
    Click Continue
  4. Select your class
  5. Select your race
  6. You do NOT need to fill out the details of your character if you do not want to, since you’ll be entering them here in the wiki along with your background / bio.
    Choose a theme
  7. Assign Abilities. You can click “Roll Dice” twice and go with what it gives you, or you can use Point buy. Up to you. (The “Roll Dice” tab is likely to generate higher stats overall, just not necessarily where you need them)
  8. Train Skills
  9. Select Powers
    Note, if you have a power that has a “sustain” condition, please see me.
  10. Select Feats
  11. Get Equipment
    Select any (3) +1 items of your choice, an adventurers kit, and 680 gold or any materials you would like to buy worth 680gp.
  12. Manage Character
    Click Save and you should be good to go. E-mail me when you’re done so I can review your character and make sure everything looks good.

Character Creation Guidelines

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