Similar to runes from Diablo II, charms are small magical trinkets that can be attached to a weapon, armor, implement or shield to add additional (usually passive) enchantment bonuses. Some examples of charms would be a small gryphon feather hanging from a tassle from the hilt of a sword or a length of old, inch-wide, bloodsmeared parchment carefully wrapped around the grip of a hammer.

Each weapon can only have a single given charm at any time. Charms can be traded and swapped freely. Charms have no cooldown unless stated otherwise.

Charms typically have a chance of activating with every swing of your weapon or spell cast, regardless of the attack used.

Some sample charms:

Charm of Kinetic Reserve (casting implements only)
A ring of burnished iron with a large gap in it. A single bead floats suspended across the divide.

On Hit:
Roll a d20: If 20 – Add force to damage type. Slide target 1 square.

Paragon Charm of Festering Wounds (melee only)
A small sack of rotting gibblets, meant to hang from the hilt of your weapon. The stench alone should be enough to cow your enemies.

On Hit:
Roll d12: If 12 – Enemy cannot spend a healing surge next round. Their next heal is reduced by the value of this attack.


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