House Rules

I’m making a handful of changes to the game which I’ll be highlighting here but also explaining in person as necessary. None of them are too complicated but all of them are important.

If you’re curious as to what these changes are attempting to fix or why I’ve made them please feel free to ask. Since this will really be the first campaign to test out the new mechanics, I’d like as much feedback from everyone as possible.


  • Players can’t buy or use resurrection rituals. Once you’re dead, you’re dead.
  • Crit misses will be in effect. You’re fucked if you roll a 1, unless you’ve got a feat that specifically says so. Crits will be super powered as usual, but 1’s will crush you (and opponents).

Combat Mechanics:


  • Charms
  • Skill Runes
  • Characters can wear both a cloak and amulet on their necks. The bonus to fort,ref,will won’t stack but everything else will.

House Rules

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