Veldt Marr

Powerful Planeswalkers have been randomly appearing for hundreds of years to ravage and plunder Old Era Artifacts before vanishing mysteriously without trace.

Society consists of loose congregations of nomadic tribes and City States, each with their own codes and beliefs regarding the invaders unfathomable purpose. The populace is small and resources are scarce but ancient ruins and powerful presences dot the landscape.

Unimaginable forces are coalescing to shape this young and fledgling civilization into something survivable. For the first time there is a relative peace between the races as the world gathers to claw itself out from the dark ages and confront its oppressors.

The map is uncharted, rarely explored and dangerous for anyone out there alone. The few secure cities have erected anti-phasing barriers. Everyone else is as the mercy of chance…

Welcome to Veldt Marr, a land without dragons.

Veldt Marr

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