Knuckle's Fight Club


  • Knuckle’s is a nondescript shack, on a block of row houses.
  • Inside there is a Pixie hostess reading a book. (Ezra charms her.)
  • The outside sign reads: “No giants allowed [to fight]”
  • The inside of Knuckle’s leads to a courtyard where the fighting occurs.
  • Two fighting classes: bare-knuckle and wooden weapons.
  • Harlan , a nondescript kenkoo, is the Pixie’s ( Jarny ) business partner.
  • The leader board has two category: Solo’s and Team’s.
  • Axis is the leading solo fighter.
  • Plom Emporium’s Big Dicks is the leading team.


We know nothing, because none of us are streetwise. (::Unhappy face::)

Our Quest

  • Harlan tells us to come back at night to fight in the “special competition”.
  • When we arrive we see a minataur cleaning up a fight—cautions us about the other fighters.
  • The crew gets really heavy handed about Ezra having sex, and scares Jarny away (of course!). He gets thrown out by Lamar, the Minataur, who perceives Ezra’s advances as sexual harassment.

The Arena

  • There are three cages / matches going on. Odd’s are put up on the leader board, where nobles gamble on the outcome of each match. Harlan stands behind a nice stand, complete with podium. Announcers stand beside each cage—battles are to the death.
  • The Giant Cloaked Figure and Pixies from the Napper Tandy are in attendance. PJ’s book perceives movement beneath the Cloak (a large beer being drunk)—and the cloak figure appears to be a female Goliath. Sparish is also in the bleachers.
  • We sign up as The Champagne of Teams to compete. We fight The Cranberries the crew of pixies. We beat the crap out of them.
  • There are a lot of bouncers (humans, armed, very ripped).
  • We then fight The Scrooges.

Knuckle's Fight Club

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